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On the Role of Clarity of Perception and Health

In General on December 6, 2012 at 10:28 am

A fundamental cause of disease is the behavior of not paying attention. When we’re not paying attention, our minds create their own version of reality and we have no way to check or verify it. We, thus, lead lives according to “free creations of the mind” rather than the world around us. This can only lead to illness.

The article below is a great – simple and concrete – example of this phenomena playing out. The mind’s version of events – in this case, memory – beats out the actual experience, thus leading to unhealthy eating behavior.

Where you want to get to the root of disease – *truly* get to the root – the mind and the clarity/accurateness of your perceptions must be included in “treatment”. This is the foundation of my practice of Chinese medicine. john@DenverChineseMedicine.com for questions and comments.

Hours After A Meal, It’s The Memory That Matters (NPR, 12/6/12)


A Missing Key in Disease Prevention: Daily Self-Treatment with Acupressure

In General on August 16, 2012 at 12:25 pm

Life is constant change. When it comes to wellness, there’s ceaseless fluctuation between better and worse health. Some days and weeks, we get better sleep, eat a little more healthy, and feel pretty good. Other weeks, we’re too busy to eat as well, too stressed to get good sleep, and, well, we feel a little off. Up and down, back and forth, that’s just the way it goes.

Ideally, we would always swing back to health quickly and completely. However, the wide spread presence of disease and illness would suggest that we all too often swing too far to the side of being “off”, and end up getting full-on sick.

The idea of prevention is to keep that dynamic between better/worse health close to the center. That is, to stumble, but never fall down, when it comes to those less-than-healthy habits, and always quickly get back up, and back to, doing and feeling well.

We all know that a good diet and exercise are absolutely key to maintaining health and staying away from getting knocked down by illness. There’s another key piece, though, that gets very little attention – daily self-treatment.

Self-treatment differs from exercise and good diet in that it can directly combat illness. It can engage disease when disease is in the very early stages, when it’s just budding. Such self care is right at that line between health maintenance and treating sickness, and when performed daily, it can beat a thousand illnesses before they ever even slow you down.

What’s meant by “self-treatment”? There are different types, but, per my bias, I would suggest acupressure. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture, but without the needles. You stimulate the same points and get some of the same effect.

Both acupressure and puncture are based on a medical system that recognizes an interior/exterior connection between the internal organs and the surface of the body. Acupoints are specific places on the skin where the state of internal systems can both be read and regulated.

Acupuncture is a professional therapy where the practitioner assesses the state of health, then stimulates acupoints with needles to treat illness and help the body back to health. Acupressure can take advantage of this same system and fight minor illnesses, while preventing others, every day.

There are hundreds of points on the body and, with a little study, you can learn which points are associated with each internal system and are good for specific issues. For instance, if you have breathing or respiratory issues, you could use some acupoints on the lung channel. If your digestion is off, you could try stomach or large intestine points.

Perhaps you know you tend to certain types of illness. Maybe you find yourself panicking easily. Treat the heart channel everyday and find more emotional stability. Or maybe you have a diagnosed illness that could use some daily light therapy. Mild high blood pressure? Try acupressure for a couple weeks to help keep it under control.

Acupressure is not a replacement for medical care. It can simply be part of your daily regimen to maintain health and fight disease before you need that professional care. It can help you stay closer to that balance point of feeling and doing well.

I speak from personal experience, here. I have hundreds of hours in acupressure training (above and beyond my formal acupuncture training), and I have used it with patients and in my own personal self-treatment program. It works for all kinds of ailments from headaches, to indigestion, and a full range of mental/emotional troubles.

I’m such a believer I’m offering a full day workshop on acupressure. We will cover basic Chinese medical theory, including acupoint and channel theory, as well as dozens of specific points for disorders. You’ll learn enough to do basic self health assessment and treat all kinds of issues. Of the hundreds of points, you’ll be able to put together basic self-treatment sessions to address any internal system.

This workshop will be held Sunday, September 9th, 10am to 5pm, at my offices in Denver – 930 Logan St., Ste. 101, Denver, Co, 80203. The cost is $95 (registered by 8/31) and includes an acupoint reference book (in addition to detailed handouts).

The flyer is available for download on my website – www.DenverChineseMedicine.com

You can send questions to me at john@DenverChineseMedicine.com.

Here’s to your health!

Low-cost, Walk-in Acupuncture Clinic in Denver, Colorado

In General on August 15, 2012 at 11:39 am

Announcing a new low-cost, walk-in acupuncture clinic in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood, in Denver!

Bridging the gap between the high-quality medical care acupuncture offers and the often prohibitory cost of treatment, this new clinic offers one-on-one, private acupuncture treatments, conducted by an experienced, licensed and board certified acupuncturist for $30 – no appointment necessary!

For full details please visit:


For questions contact john@DenverChineseMedicine.com!