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Let Distraction Be Your Guide

In Mind & Meditation on April 19, 2011 at 4:07 pm

By now, everyone’s heard of meditation. A lot of people have even tried it.

In my discussions with patients, one of the biggest challenges to meditation seems to be distraction. “I’m always getting distracted!”, they say.

In my view, distractions are great opportunities to increase the power and effect of meditation, and here’s why. Meditation is often used as a tool to calm the mind. In order to do so, we must come to know the mind – You can not control, much less conquer, that which you do not understand.

Where we sit cross-legged, try to empty our mind, then, inevitably, enter battle with the random mutterings and musings of intellect and imagination, we engage in a futile battle. After all, those thoughts and feelings are parts of you – Where you enter combat against yourself, you can’t win.

Instead, when a thought arises, realize it is from a source within you (most likely, an unknown source). As such, it is an emissary of the the very entity you wish to get to know better. Treat it as such!

When a “random” thought arises, sit back and watch it; allow it to tell its story. Don’t engage it, necessarily, but allow it to express itself – let it be heard. Within the message it shares, you will find guidance to a part of yourself, in fact, calling out for attention.

Every distraction is a voice, your voice. Listen, and, if upon receiving attention, it has nothing important to share, it will dissolve away.

But if it has a message, if it keeps popping up because, deep down, some part of you needs it to keep popping up, then, by giving it your undivided attention, you will learn something new of your own depths.

And once you get what you need, there will be no reason for you to find distraction in battle with yourself. You may, then, sit calmly in peaceful meditation.


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The Treatment of Pain

In Research on April 19, 2011 at 3:15 pm

Pain wins the most attention for the prescription of drugs, according to the Wall Street Journal (blogs.wsj.com/health/2011/04/19/what-drug-did-doctors-prescribe-most-last-year). More than 131 million prescriptions for it were written last year!

There are alternatives to medications, however. Check out these quick blog posts on pain of different types and acupuncture:

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Boost Your Energy Right Now

In General on April 19, 2011 at 2:45 pm

The following is a simple breathing exercise that can boost your energy in under five minutes, for free, with no side effects or bad after taste 🙂 With a little practice, you’ll quickly master it –

1) Relax and exhale, actively pushing all the air out of your lungs.

2) Now, inhale deeply, pulling the air in as low into your stomach as you can. (It may help to place your hands on your abdomen, below your belly button. Then, imagine breathing directly into them.)

3) From there, allow the breathe to “fill up” your entire torso from the bottom, opening and expanding the ribcage, to the top of your lungs.

4) Once you’ve received that complete breathe, hold it for a second or two to allow your body to absorb all the oxygen it can.

5) Relax completely, allowing the breathe to ease out of you (and you might as well let some of that stress and tension ride that wave of exhaled air right out of your body, to!).

At first, when practicing the above, allow your body to breathe naturally for a couple breaths in between.

With a little practice you’ll notice you can inhale more and more air, and you will feel more and more energized (and you may notice the increased energy isn’t that buzzy kind of caffeine energy, but a relaxed, peaceful but alert energy – good stuff!)

P.S. This also makes for an outstanding foundation for meditation 😉 Enjoy!

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