Dr. John Aguilar, Jr, DAOM, EAMP

Close Your Eyes in the New Year

In General on January 1, 2012 at 12:17 pm

Do things a little different this year.

We’ve become very accustomed to using our eyes to take in information. There is a very close connection between vision and rational analysis, between taking in data from the world around us and thinking and analyzing. This is so often what we base our decisions on and how we go about making those decisions. In a very real, concrete way, this is how we create the life we lead.

This year, try closing your eyes.

Instead of taking information in from the outside, go within and project what you perceive directly outward to the world around you.

It’s actually kinda radical. Instead of basing decisions of what we do with our life on what we see and think about in the world out there, close your eyes and feel inside, then project that out to the world around you.

It’s like the old switch-a-roo. Instead of letting the external dictate the expression and activity of the internal, let direct awareness of the internal guide your life. Instead of reacting to the world out there, tap in to yourself, and let that be your guide.

This year, let you shape your world, not the other way around.


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